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Solar energy is the most popular kind of renewable energy in the us and the rest of the world. The reason behind that is basic: the energy the sun produces will be thoroughly clean, green, and also ample. When how to build a solar panel you want to eradicate your power bill along with do best for the environment, how to build a solar panel you’ll want to find out how to build a solar panel.

Why choose solar energy?
The overall cost of electric solar panels has dropped by almost 60% since 2009 and in the next few years is expected to drop to a level where the electricity produced through domestic solar panels will be on par with the more traditional sources of residential power as the cost of oil, coal and nuclear alternatives rise.

The main well known suppliers rely on the fact that electric solar panels are perceived to be difficult to make but solar panel prices are as high as they are because the consumer is willing to pay them, partially because they don’t understand what is involved to manufacture them. You are probably on this website because you are either interested in that question or you want to get started. Knowledge of solar panel construction, how to make solar panels and the about the technology about solar panels will help you decide whether it is for you or not.

Upon finding out those costs and fully details you can then either pursue the DIY path – bearing in mind local safety legalisation or if upon full receipt of the facts of the details of solar panel construction you can seek alliance with a local certified local electrician.

Are you planning for the solar panels

You have made decision to investigate Solar Power as a way to bring power to your home but what advice do you need to actually get started. How to make a solar panel is important because it is a way to get cheap solar panels as the cost of solar panels that you buy completed normally have a high mark up. The coat of solar panels has been coming down but they are still very high. Solar panel construction is not particularly complicated and is possible for a moderately skilled enthusiast to build them. In fact that is how I got started. You don’t need to know how to make solar cells. They can be easily purchased but you do need to know where to purchase your components in order to build you solar panels. For more information please call us now on 530-646-7491.

Source of Components for Solar Energy :
The component used in Solar Panel Construction can be sourced in a variety of places. You don’t and should buy any used products but the components can still be source cheaply.

The principal components for your solar power system (as mentioned in previous posts) are:

(a) Solar panels.
(b) Battery.
(c) Inverter.
(d) Charge Controller.

Basic Types of Solar Panels

Monocrystalline solar panels:
The most efficient and expensive solar panels are made with Monocrystalline cells. These solar cells use very pure silicon and involve a complicated crystal growth process. Long silicon rods are produced which are cut into slices of .2 to .4 mm thick discs or wafers which are then processed into individual cells that are wired together in the solar panel.

Polycrystalline solar panels:
Often called Multi-crystalline, solar panels made with Polycrystalline cells are a little less expensive & slightly less efficient than Monocrystalline cells because the cells are not grown in single crystals but in a large block of many crystals. This is what gives them that striking shattered glass appearance. Like Monocrystalline cells, they are also then sliced into wafers to produce the individual cells that make up the solar panel.

Amorphous solar panels:
These are not really crystals, but a thin layer of silicon deposited on a base material such as metal or glass to create the solar panel. These Amorphous solar panels are much cheaper, but their energy efficiency is also much less so more square footage is required to produce the same amount of power as the Monocrystalline or Polycrystalline type of solar panel. Amorphous solar panels can even be made into long sheets of roofing material to cover large areas of a south facing roof surface.